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 The Storyline

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Bella Swan
Bella Swan

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PostSubject: The Storyline   The Storyline EmptyTue 6 Apr - 1:32

We are starting from the very beginning. First, all things such as looks, places, and mates stay the same as the book. There will be no cheating, stealing mates, etc. If you created a character you can do as you please with them as far as looks and loyalty are concerned, but you may not steal someone's mate with explicit consent.

We are going to start with Bella meeting Edward at Charlie's ceremony for being Chief-of-Police for thirty years. This will be the first time they have met. Everyone is invited (werewolves,vamps, humans, etc.). This allows for everyone to get involved and to make their character known.

Things are going to arise that are going to prevent Bella and Edward from being together in the beginning. These problems will be left up to you to put into motion. Eventually, they will be together. Then this is where you will be introduced to Coral. A new vampire that was once a Cullen, but betrayed them.

Whats going to happen now? It's up to you and your imagination to decide.

The main story will focus around Bella and Edward and the Cullens and the wolves, but side stories are acceptable and highly reccomended. We want no one to feel left out nor bored. Just please keep in mind that there are numerous people on this site, so keep everything on a realistic level.

Please feel free to pm either admin with any question or concern, and most importantly...

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Bella Swan
Bella Swan

Posts : 86
Join date : 2010-03-27
Age : 31
Location : Forks, Wa.

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PostSubject: Monthly Update   The Storyline EmptySat 29 May - 6:41

Ok you guys! I wanted to take the time to do a little mini update of what is going on so if you can make sure you have gotten everything. This will act as a reference for you so if you need to look back on something you do not have to read through every post. You can just look here for the major things.

I will need your help keeping this up to date. If something major happens, please PM me and let me know so I can add it.

Thanks you guys. You truly are amazing!!!
-Bella Swan

In the human world:
-Jolene Jensen is new to school.
-Bella is trying to make her feel welcome, and it is not working.
-Jessica is stil pinig after Mike.
-Mike is interested in Bella and is mad that she clearly prefers Edward.

In the wolf world:
-Jacob is transforming
-Sam is there to help him through it all
-The other pack mates are there as well *
-Emily is acting as Sam's backbone
-Emily and Leah are more seperated than ever
*even though we don't have some characters yet, it is implied.

In the Volturi World:
-Coral escaped and was brought back to Aro
-She finally agreed to join the guard but was later released of her own free will
-She is now South of France unsure of where to go next
-Jane contemplated leaving but chose against it
-Alec was involved in a near death experience
-Felix is in love with Jane
-Alec and Corin are having a secret affair
-The twins do not approve of their sibling's love choices, but they agree to disagree
-Demetri is on a 3 week mission for Aro
-Aro remains creepy

In the Cullens World:
-When Coral reached out to the Cullens for assistance, they rejected her
-Edward realized with some late help from Alice that Bella was a human
-He tried to fight against his feelings and contemplated leaving, but MOST of his family begged him to persue her
-He talks to her at school some
-Rosalie and Emmett are experiencing some communication issues
-Emmett feels Rosalie does not love him anymore
-Jasper proposed to Alice.
-She of course accepted.
-Edward asked Bella to be his date to the wedding
-This sent Rosalie into a fit of rage
-Edward almost attacked her in their own house leading him to decide to leave for a few days
-He promises Esme he will return before the wedding that weekend.

In Bella and Edward's World:
-Bella is confused by Edward's actions. One day he seems interested in her and the next he acts as if he could care less she exists.
-Every day is a battle for Edward. He cannot decide what to do as far as bella is concerned.
-Edward sees the implications that his choice have, but Alice's vision is unchanging. She will one day be one of them.

In Bella and Jacob's World:
-Jacob and Bella meet again after many years a few days before the ceremony.
-Jacob still sees her as his best friend
-He also sees her as still pretty
-Bella can't stop thinking about him, but her thoughts still revolve around Edward.
-Bella and her dad have invited them over for dinner.
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Bella Swan
Bella Swan

Posts : 86
Join date : 2010-03-27
Age : 31
Location : Forks, Wa.

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PostSubject: Re: The Storyline   The Storyline EmptySun 18 Jul - 13:44

Hey there you guys :] Here is the latest updates for those of you who live a busy life and need a quick recap.

Make sure if your group mod comes to you and asks for an update of what has happened to them that you try to make a concious effort to respond. Also, if something happens to you that is important, please make sure you PM your group mod and let them know so we do not miss anything :]

Thanks for everything you guys!!!
-Bella Swan and Jasper Hale

The Cullen World

- Alice and Jasper are recently married
- They are currently honeymooning it up at Isle Esme
- Edward had a nice date with Bella at the Wedding
- Esme gave Carlisle a nice watch and some other lovely gifts were exchanged
- Rosalie and Emmett hit a rough patch, but they are fine now.
- Edward bought Bella back to the house
- This angered Rosalie and a fight broke out between them
- Edward attacked Rosalie, nearly killing her
- Edward announces he is leaving.
- He goes to Bella's house, to say a final goodbye while she sleeps

The Wolf World

- Seth is currently being taught the legends at school
- Sam came over to talk to Seth about them.
- Seth is excited and wants the legends to be true
- Embry has been feeling ill and keeps collapsing
- Sam doesn't understand why Embry is changing and questioning Embry's parentage.
- Emily is trying to keep Sam's mind off of the worst
- Jacob is falling for Bella
- Jacob is jealous of her relationship with Edward Cullen
- Billy and Sam are preparing for Jacob's change
- Leah tried to patch things up with Emily
- The divide between them is still there, Leah can't let go.

The Volturi World

- Demetri has returned from his long trip
- His relationship with Heidi was on the brink of ending
- They managed to sort it
- Jane found out that Demetri had a hand in hers and Alec's change
- Jane and Demetri are closer then ever
- Aro has appointed Demetri as Jane's new protector
- Demetri confessed his slaughter of his human family more then 700 years ago to Jane
- Aro watched all of Demetri's memories for the first time
- Jane is busy sorting out the visit for Forks
- Aro has requested he goes to Forks to see the gifts of Edward and Alice
- Renata has confirmed Aro's safety for this trip
- Felix, Demetri and Jane have been busy training for the trip
- Alec and Jane are patching their difference and are getting close again
- Jane and Demetri are planning his return to Greece
- Aro remains overly creepy
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