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 Edward Cullen

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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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Edward Cullen

Coven: Olympic
Born: June 20th 1901
Turned: 1918 (during the Spanish influenza)
Creator: Carlisle
Diet: (Vegetarian) Animal
Eye colour: Golden when well fed. Black when thirsty


From his human life, Edward bought into his immortal life, the gift of being able to read minds.

Edward’s human life in Chicago was fairly happy and uneventful. His parents were moderately wealthy as his father was a successful lawyer. The biggest worry in his mother’s life was the fact that World War I was raging and Edward was only a year away from the draft, which had been lowered to 18 years of age in August of 1918.

By September of that same year, the influenza epidemic hit, claiming the lives of both of Edward’s parents and very nearly taking his own as well. His attending physician was Carlisle Cullen, who saved him by changing him into a vampire. It was Edward’s mother who requested Dr. Cullen save Edward. She seemed to “know” that Carlisle could save him in a special way and begged him to do it.

Since that time, Edward has passed as Carlisle’s adopted son or as the younger brother of his wife before the family grew to its current size. He has been to medical school twice, but never practiced. He loves driving fast and collects cars as a hobby.

From 1927 until 1931, Edward had a bout of rebellion and went off for a few years on his own away from Carlisle and Esme. He figured that he could drink off of humans if they were truly evil, using his special gifts to avoid the innocent. After a while, he couldn’t “escape the debt of so much human life taken, no matter how justified” and returned to Carlisle and Esme who welcomed him back with open arms.

Around 1936, Edward moved to Forks with his family where they encountered the Quileute Indians who have the ability to transform into werewolves. A treaty was arranged stating that the wolves would leave the Cullens alone so long as they didn’t bite any humans and stay off of the Quileute land. The Cullens lived in Forks for a few years before moving on to other places.

In 2003 the Cullens returned to Forks. Then in 2005 Edward met Isabella Swan.

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Edward Cullen
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