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 Jacob Black

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Jacob Black

Jacob Black

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Jacob Black Taylor-lautner-jacob-black1

Born: 14th January 1990
Turned: February 2006 into a werewolf
Species: Shapeshifter
Gender: Male
Image: Height of 7"0. Black hair. Strong toned physiche

Other information: As a wolf, Jacob is about 10'0" feet in length and about 7'0" feet
tall, has russet brown fur, dark eyes that show intelligence, and is
very swift. He is also the second fastest and the second largest in the

Personality and traits: Jacob's personality shifts throughout his life as he matures. To begin with he seems very friendly though shy and slightly sheepish around Bella, easily succumbing to her flirtations and worrying about how the
Quileute legends will affect her perception of him. He later goes from being his old, happy self to becoming sullen and temperamental. This is because he is experiencing the change of shape-shifting. He soon becomes a lot more confident that Bella is really for him - so much so that he makes her realize that she does love him after all. He also seems to be somewhat rebellious, as how he encouraged Bella to sneak out to visit him and how they ditched school so they could spend time alone as friends. When Bella marries Edward, his personality changes yet again, because he feels like Bella is going to die. He is ready to kill her baby daughter, Renesmee, until he sees her and experiences imprinting. After this and Bella's successful transformation into a vampire, he returns to his cheerful personality.

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"I'm sorry if I'm not the right kind of monster for you Bella"

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Jacob Black
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