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 The Family Arriving Home

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Jasper Hale
Jasper Hale

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The Family Arriving Home Empty
PostSubject: The Family Arriving Home   The Family Arriving Home EmptyWed 30 Jun - 18:24

After the excitement of the wedding, the family made their way home, Carlisle and Esme drove himself and Alice home, they both sat in the backseat, bodies entwined together, as Rosalie drove Emmett home and Edward drove Bella home.

Jasper sighed happily to himself as he held his wife in his arms, never wanting to let her go, her ran his thumb over her wedding band and smiled.
Before he knew it there were back at home and Carlisle stopped the car, just short of the garage, he turned in his seat and looked at Jasper.

'I believe there is something you need to do' He smiled at Jasper and instantly he knew what he meant. Alice looked at them both a little puzzled, he was surprised she couldn't see what was happening in a vision, but he was fine with her not seeing it,

'Ok my love, it's time for us to get out' With that he opened the door and slid out, offering his hand to Alice, who took it instantly as he pulled her gently out and escorted her to the door. They heard Carlisle pull away and into the garage.

'What are you doing Jas?' She whispered as they walked up the steps, as they stood at the door, he opened it wide, and smiled at her, as he scooped her into his arms and smiled into her eyes. 'Welcome home Mrs Whitlock' He kissed her softly as he walked over the threshold into the house, for the first time, as husband and wife.

He carried her into the living area and placed her gently on the floor standing, without breaking the kiss, wrapping his arms around her. He heard the garage door open, but he never let it distract him
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Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen

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The Family Arriving Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Family Arriving Home   The Family Arriving Home EmptyWed 30 Jun - 18:34

Carlisle parked his Mercedes in the garage, turning the engine off he speedily got out of the drivers seat. He could hear Alice giggling upstairs as Jasper carried her over the threshold.
He escorted Esme from the passenger side of the car. It was a shame that they would need to go upstairs in order to get to other parts of the house, it seemed rude to disturb them. Instead for a moment, Esme stayed standing by the car and Carlisle infront of her with a hand on her waist. They'd had a wonderful evening.

"Wasn't Bella charming?" she asked her husband. They launched into a discussion regarding her and Edwards body language with each other, clearly smitten, Rosalie's bitter looks at Bella, she was still clearly worried. Their final topic of discussion was Alice and Jasper.

"They're going out to my Island!" Esme's voiced beamed happily, but she made sure she spoke quiet enough that Alice couldn't hear. Carlisle's eyes widened in surprise. He was ecstatic that Alice and Jasper could create their own memories on the Island in Rio De Janerio just like he and Esme had years before.

Esme linked her arm with Carlisle's, he loosened his tie as they went up the stairs, Alice was still in Jasper's arms. They didn't wish to disturb their loving moment, so simply walked past them with a smile and retired to their own bedroom to change.
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Emmett Cullen

Emmett Cullen

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The Family Arriving Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Family Arriving Home   The Family Arriving Home EmptyMon 5 Jul - 4:51

Emmett slouched down onto the couch in a huff, his boredom already showing without his brother and his wife made a retreat upstairs. He casually layed back and put his feet up easily reaching the other side, he quickly slid his tie off and threw it across the room. "Gooood bye" he chuckled as he watched it flop onto the armchair across the room.

The room was silent as Emmett closed his eyes relaxing in the moment, he was glad the wedding turned out great for Jasper and Alice and knew they would make eachother happy.
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The Family Arriving Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Family Arriving Home   The Family Arriving Home Empty

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The Family Arriving Home
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