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 Rosalie's Raft

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PostSubject: Rosalie's Raft   Rosalie's Raft EmptyThu 8 Jul - 10:25

I had just dropped Bella off at home, she had agreed to attend the wedding of Alice and Jasper as my date. Things were awkward between us at first, but my family, all except Rosalie, made her feel as welcome as they could. Even though I was still weary she was in a room full of Vampires.

Esme managed to put me at ease a few times, Searching Alice's mind, I could see she was keeping an eye on Jasper, which released some tension within myself. Maybe my family were right, she may accept what we were, it didn't bother her tonight. But only time will tell.

My mother has a lot of persuasion on me, and a lot more influence. Bringing Bella back to the home, I was careless in my thought process, Bella had asked to see the house. I wanted to say 'No' against my better my better judgement, I allowed myself to cave into this one. I knew how much Esme and Carlisle wanted to see her without crowds of people. For a brief moment, when I had agreed to it, I never took Rosalie into consideration, and I should have.

It is now that I am sat in my car, parked up on the outstretched drive way, ready to take the final plunge into I don't know what, I need to reason with Rosalie, I can not allow Alice's vision of her and Emmett leaving this family to become true, we have all been together so long. Maybe I am being silly. Maybe Emmett and Jasper are right when they say I should change her, but that goes against my last ounce of dignity and the last bit of morals I have left, in my eternal existence.

I stand by not taking her soul, but am I being selfish in a way that I am not putting my family first. Rosalie is my main concern now, I can't and won't fight with her, she is protecting our family, something I should be doing. But I trust Bella, even if she knew what we are, she would still accept us, I know she would. Because I can see the look in her eyes when she looks at me.

But now, I must face, what could mean the divide, but my plan is to beg and grovel if I have to, Esme doesn't deserve this heart break. Even though Carlisle would be upset, he would allow them to go. I will do anything for this family, except give up Bella.

Bella is now my reason for being and my reason for existing, surely no one can ask me truthfully and reasonably to give that up.
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Rosalie's Raft
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