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 Dearest Esme

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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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Dearest Esme Empty
PostSubject: Dearest Esme   Dearest Esme EmptyWed 14 Jul - 17:19

To my dearest Esme.

I apologise for my actions this evening, I apologise for hurting you as much as I did. There is no excuse for the way I acted, nor an excusable reason for me to do what I did.

I truly regret what I have done to you, I have caused both yourself and Carlisle disappointed and pain because of what I did, for that, there aren't a million apologises that will make up for that.

I don't want you to suffer any more, all the problems over recent months are due to my own actions, I have only thought of myself and not of how it will effect this family. My actions this evening has proven that I don't belong here, not anymore. You deserve all the happiness in the world Esme, you deserve the family you have always craved for. I however don't belong in this plan, I make this family unhappy, I cause mountains of problems.

So for this, I need to leave, so you and Carlisle can move on, be the family unit that will come once I have left. I just should have done this sooner then I did.

I promise that I will respect Carlisle and will not ever feast on humans, this is the only promise I can make you now. I am sorry I bought shame on this family. But more importantly, I am sorry for disappointing you.

Good bye Esme, take care of everyone, your happiness is all that matters and I want you to have that more then anyone.


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Dearest Esme
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