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 Renata Volturi

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Renata Volturi Renata1

Full Name: Renata
Race: Vampire
Originally from: Volterra, Italy
Description: As a vampire, Renata is agile, graceful, and Beautiful. Her skin is granite-hard and beautiful, as well as immortal.Her skin is cold and pale. She, like all Vampires, has Super-Human, Speed, Strength, Agility, Beauty, and Enhanced Reflexes.
Special Talents:Protective shield (can form a mental force field to avoid physical attacks, her power is quite similar to Bella's ability to create mental shields to avoid mental attacks.)

“Renata is a powerful shield against a physical attack. If someone approaches her or Aro, they find themselves diverted. There’s a force around her that repels, though it’s almost unnoticeable. You simply find yourself going in a different direction than you planned, with a confused memory as to why you wanted to go that other way in the first place. She can project her shield several meters out from herself.”

Occupation: Aro’s personal guard in the Volturi. Renata’s gift makes her incredibly useful and she has become Aro’s personal guard. She is constantly at his side.
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Renata Volturi
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