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 Embry Call - Bio

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Embry Call

Embry Call

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Embry Call - Bio Embry-call320x480

Name - Embry Call
Age - 16
Species - Shape-Shifter
Height - 6'3
Ablities - Advanced healing, senses, endurance, durability, speed & strength
Location - La Push, Washington

Embry is quieter and shyer than some of the other boys on the Reservation. He is playful, but still comes across as being very reserved. He enjoys betting with other boys in the pack. He is also very caring and loving unlike the others in the pack, and has not imprinted yet. Little is known about his family background, besides his mother not knowing he is a wolf and thinking that he is going through a rebellious streak, so he is always grounded and getting yelled at. He appears to be taking it all in silence, which suggests that he is most patient. It is unknown, yet unlikely, whether he has any other siblings.

His mother was a woman from the Makah tribe, but because the shapeshifting traits are inherited only within the tribe, he is the half brother of either Quil Ateara, or Jacob Black, or Sam Uley, which causes some stress within the pack due to the fact that all of their fathers were married before Embry's birth. The pack's hope is that he is half brothers with Sam, as Sam's father already has a bad record, and if his father was Quil Sr. or Billy, it would cause new dispute between the people at La Push. Some time during his early life, Embry became friends with Quil and Jacob. They remain close friends through their teenage years. Embry also leads a hard life as his mother never knew about the existence of werewolves, and so every night she would check his room and every night he'd be gone. She would yell at him for hours, and the pack (before they split up) had asked Sam to cut Embry some slack and let his mom in on the secret, but Embry had said, "No, the secret is too important."

Embry doesn't who his father is; It could be Sam's dad, Jacob's dad, or Quil's dad.

Sometime later, Embry went through the change and became a wolf like the other boys in the La Push pack. He was the fourth to transform, taking place just before Jacob’s, and since he couldn’t tell Jacob what was happening to him, he started avoiding him. Once Jacob changed, they went back to being friends. Embry's mom does not, and apparently will not, know he changed as he refuses to tell her. He has said the secret is too important. He won't tell her even though she yells at him for sneaking out at night. Embry remains one of Jacob’s best friends through the rest of the books, in spite of the way he breaks the rules and hangs out with Bella more than he should.
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Embry Call - Bio
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