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 Jolene Jensen

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Jolene Jensen


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PostSubject: Jolene Jensen   Sun 11 Apr - 5:01

Species: Human
Hair Color: Long, brown, and wavy
Eyes: Dark chocolate brown
Birthdate: June 21, 1992

Jolene "Jojo" was born on the date of June 21, 1992. She is originally from Chicago, IL but resided to Forks, WA a few weeks ago. Jojo's personality is an easy going person. She can be very stubborn and extremely sarcastic.

Moving to Forks wasn't her choice. She hated the town and everything about it but when she met Bella Swan, she knew there was something out of place. Now, being a senior at Forks High, she have to learn how to adapt with her new home.

She is very straight forward with what she does and when she set her mind at something, she will eventually accomplish that. Her biggest goal at the moment is to find out the truth about Bella Swan and her surroundings (the Cullens)

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Jolene Jensen
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