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 Dr. Carlisle Cullen

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Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen

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Carlisle Cullen

Dr. Carlisle Cullen CARLISLE
Race: Vampire
Coven: Olympic
Hair: Short, Blonde hair
Eyes: Golden
Turned: Sometime in 1640
Creator: Unknown

Carlisle Cullen was born sometime in the 1640's in London, England during a time of religious and political upheaval. Carlisle's father along with other pastors led hunts for werewolves, witches and vampires. claiming they were attempting to get rid of evil and sin in the world. Carlisle was put in charge to go after a a real coven in the sewers of London, within the chaos, Carlisle was attacked and left bleeding in the street by a vampire.

During his painful transformation, Carlisle hid himself in a potato cellar, emerging three days later as a vampire. He was horrified about what he had become and tried various ways to kill himself by starvation, drowning, and jumping off cliffs. Soon after, he was so desperate for blood that while hiding in a cave in a forest he attacked and fed on a herd of passing deer. He found that he could survive on the blood of animals and considered it much more humane the killing humans for their blood.

Carlisle stuck to this life style and after about two centuries, he was perfect at his ablilty to resist the bloodlust caused by the human blood scent. During these two centuries, Carlisle studied at night, becoming a "nighttime patron of the arts". As a result of all this studying, he became a brilliant doctor.

While studying in Italy, he stumbled across a coven of acient vampires called the " Volturi" that included three vampires named Aro, Marcus, and Cauis.

Carlisle then moved on to the New World; there, he ended up working night shifts in a Chicago hospital during the Spanish Influenza epidemic. During this, Carlisle encountered a dying woman named Elizabeth Masen. Her son, Edward, was dying as well. Elizabeth begged Carlisle to do anything to save her son. Elizabeth died soon after and Edward lay next her. Out of loneliness, and armed with the knowledge that Edward was alone in the world, he changed him and Edward became his companion.

Not long after, in 1921, Carlisle and Edward moved to Wisconsin, where Carlisle treated Esme after a failed suicide attemp spurred by the loss of her child. Carlisle felt compelled to save her life, having already treated her for a broken leg in her adolescence, and changed her as well. They soon fell in love and married.

Carlilse then turned Rosalie Hale, a yound woman who was raped and almost killed by her druken fiance and his friends, who left her in the street to die. Later, while hunting Rosalie found a young man named Emmett who had been mauled by a bear. She carried hom over 100 miles to Carlisle to be changed. Around 1950, Mary Alice Brandon and Jasper Whitlock joined his coven. Alice and Jasoer met circa 1948, and sought out the Cullens based on one of Alice's visions. Rosalie and Jasper posed as twins, taking the sirname "Hale" while Alice changed her name to Cullen.

Much later Carlisle and his family moved to Forks, WA where they had live previously before Alice and Jasper joined them.

Forever unchanging

Dr. Carlisle Cullen Img-set?

What I enjoy the very most is when my… enhanced abilities let me save someone who would otherwise have been lost. It’s pleasant knowing that, thanks to what I can do, some people’s lives are better because I exist. Even the sense of smell is a useful diagnostic tool at times.
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Dr. Carlisle Cullen
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