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 The Piano Room

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Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: The Piano Room   The Piano Room - Page 2 EmptySat 3 Jul - 20:42

Esme smiled at not only Carlisle's words in her ear and the feel of his breath but at the general mood of the room. There was calm in the air.
Esme wrapped a hand around Carlisle's neck, bringing herself to tip toes in a bid to be closer to him.

'They're perfect together' she whispered. She felt Carlisle's arms wrap around her tighter as a silent reply of agreement.

Bella never took her eyes from Edward. Edward finished playing Bella's song and began to play it again. Esme decided to take that as a cue to leave them alone for a while. 'Please let her know it was wonderful to meet her Edward' was Esme's request. Carlisle took Esme by the hand and they quietly left the piano room, closing the door behind them sealing Edward's music in the room with him and Bella.
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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: The Piano Room   The Piano Room - Page 2 EmptyWed 7 Jul - 17:23

Edward smiled as he heard his parents leave the room, Bella kept her head on his shoulder oblivious to them leaving. He carried on until he came to the end of his song and he slowly closed the lid. He had already named the lullaby, but he felt it was far too soon to tell Bella. He would wait until the right time.

Slowly Bella sat up from him and looked around 'Where are your parents?' She spoke slightly shocked.

'It's ok' he flashed her his smile 'They left a while ago, to give us time on our own' Edward spoke softly to her.

He carefully closed the lid of the piano and looked at Bella 'Now you have seen me play, we must get you home'

Bella nodded at him with a frown on her face. Edward looked into her eyes and studied them briefly 'Whats the matter?'

She shook her head 'Nothing' She smiled at him. Just then Edward's head darted to the door as he heard Rosalie smashing down the stairs and thinking

ggggrrrr, what is she doing here? what is Edward thinking, EDWARD, where are you?

Edward smiled at Bella and spoke softly, 'Lets get you home, we will see each other at school monday' Quickly he stood up and took Bella's hand, guiding her through the door back into the lounge area and saw Rosalie and Emmett on the stairs,

But Edward ignored Rosalie and guided Bella gently to the car. Neither of them spoke to each other as they the Cullen Home
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The Piano Room
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