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 The Ceremony

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PostSubject: The Ceremony   The Ceremony EmptyThu 6 May - 20:59

As much as I admired Chief Swan, I didn't want to go to tonights ceremony, it seemed a waste of our time, but Carlisle had to be present because he was the the
Doctor of this town and also Esme had put a lot of time and effort into the decorations. I suppose I was bitter, because once again I was going alone. While everyone else had someone.

It didn't help that Alice was keeping something from me, for the past two days she had been reciting the Old Testament into Hebrew and Korean, which meant she didn't want me to hear something, so at a guess it was a vision. But I didn't realise the extreme of the vision until I saw it for myself at the Ceremony.

Her name is Isabella Swan, and she took my breathe away. For many centuries, I have thought about this girl, and wrote about this girl. She was my everything and I knew I had to speak to her, She was the Chief's daughter to add salt into the wound, which meant she was human.

The girl I had been waiting for, for my entire existence was standing before me tonight, but she had a heart beat and a scent that I burnt my throat.

I did manage to speak to her briefly, but it was short lived because of the ceremony and worry over the family, Alice had had another vision about Coral. So everything was messed up.

But I hope to see this girl at school, I need to talk to her, the conversation between us was brief, but I know that she will be my everything, I loved her long before tonight, but controlling myself around her, is going to be a challenge I don't want to bear.
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The Ceremony
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