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 Heidi - Volturi

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Hair: Long, brunette
Eyes: Red, but often wearing contacts
Birth: Early 1600's
Turned: Unknown
Creator: Unknown
Abilities: Manipulation, Seduction and hunting

Heidi is a member of the Volturi guard. She uses her exquisite beauty to lure unsuspective humans to her. Usually in control of collecting humans to feed the Volturi leaders and their guard.

Her manipulative, seductive nature make her an important member of the Volturi guard.

Physically, she is reasonably tall and slim, with long, thick brunette hair. Being a vampire, she has ruby red eyes, but often colours them with contacts.

She is warm and personable, popular with other members of the guard, although whether this is due to the nature of her 'power' remains unseen.

Little is known of her human life, Heidi is believed to have been born and lived in Western Europe, probably in Germany or Austria.

It is believed that she was around 22 years of age when she was changed.

Her sire and the exact year of her change is unknown.

Heidi and Demetri are currently in a relationship.

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Heidi - Volturi
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