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 Jane -Volturi Guard

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Jane -Volturi Guard Jane-volturi

Born: Unknown
Turned: Late 1600's-Early 1700's
Creator: Aro
Diet: Human
Eye colour: Red when well fed. Black when thirsty

Aro had his eye Jane and her brother Alec as potential vampires when they were still human, but were waiting until they were older to change them. When frightened humans started to burn the twins at the stake because of suspected witchcraft, Aro stepped in, slaughtering the whole village. Because of all she went through (several burns), Jane gained the power to voluntarily inflict a mental illusion of agonizing pain on others (burning illusion). Jane has since become one of the prize members of the Volturi Guard.

Jane is described as being very short at 5 foot. But she is very powerful. Jane is very dark and sadistic. She is easily angered when her powers fail, and has a very deep and strong hatred for Bella because of this. She worships Aro as she is very happy to be in his presence. She enjoys her powers, and the respect and fear that comes from her having them, and never wastes an opportunity to use them.

But, despite her evil personality she seems to have a very loving relationship with her twin brother Alec

Jane -Volturi Guard Jane-volturi-hood-down-portrait-480x320

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Jane -Volturi Guard
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