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 Demetri- Volturi

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Demetri- Volturi Demetr11

Race: Vampire
Coven: Volturi
Hair: Short blondish brown
Eyes: Crimson Red when fed and Black as night when thirsty
Birthday: 12 June 1300
Turned: 22 April 1323
Creator: Aro

Demetri was Born in Athens, Greece in 1300. He was the eldest of 4 children and the only male. He always worked hard at what he did, and always helped out around the town. One day when he was a couple of months shy of twenty three he had traveled to Italy to see a wounderous castle in the city of Volterra. There he meet the most beautiful of people and their leaders, when he was out sightseeing one night a group of teenage males who were on their way home attacked him and bashed him to close too death. That's when Aro found him and turned him in too what he is today.

Today Demetri is a 700 year old vampire with the Volturi guard. He is an excellent tracker and is rumored too be the best there is. When he was 300 years old he meet the beautiful Heidi he was instantly attracked too her and loved her with his whole being.. but never let anyone know this. Eventualy the two got closer but what has happend from that moment till now is known too very few of the guard.

These days Demetri is helping in getting rid of a Vampire named Coral whom he despises more than the Cullens as she is an animal drinker and a lot of theVolturi think that this is unnatural. They are thought of as freaks among their own kind.

Demetri- Volturi CharlieBewley
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Demetri- Volturi
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